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Deep in Post

When people think of "making a movie", what usually comes to mind are images of complex sets, rolling cameras, boom operators holding microphones over intense actors, intricate special FX rigs... basically, film production. However, as anyone who's ever made a movie will tell you, this is actually the smallest part of the process. Just as a smooth shoot is the result of months of pre-production, an excellent film is the result of months of post-production. That's where we sit right now with our latest endevor, "Slash/Her."

The overall process of post-production involves a few major steps. The first of these is the rough cut, which involves actually piecing the individual shots together into something resembling a movie. Then there's the process of adding any post-production visual effects, color correction, titling, and credits. Once these elements - the visual components of the film are in place, and have been approved by the director, the project enters into a phase called "picture lock," meaning that the final look of the film has been crafted, and it'd ready to be handed of to the sound department and composer for sound design and scoring. Currently, "Slash/Her" is in this final phase.

We know there have been a lot of eager people following the progress of this film, and when you're sitting outside of the process, it can certainly seem like it takes an eternity. However, rest assured that we are moving along as scheduled, and are looking forward to premiering a fantastic final product!

"Up Late"
Have a look at our newest short, "Up Late." The film was directed by Jonathon Hart, and is currently an official selection at the "Motor City Nightmares" film festival. Check out the IMDB page for more info, or just click below to watch it now!